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Wintering grapes

Regardless of the shelter is held or rod remains on the surface, to prepare bushes for winter in advance and must be carefully throughout the growing season. For this purpose, conduct the following activities:

• leave when trimming bushes sufficient long-term timber, which is storage plastic substances, resisting cold, and also serves as a repository of nutrients;

• comply with all conditions necessary for the timely and full maturation of the vines;

• eliminate the nitrogen fertilizing of the summer;

• stop watering the beginning of ripening berries;

• organize a spacious trellis;

• normalized yield stress;

• carry out a selective removal of clusters;

• take timely coinage;

• promote hardiness, why spend foliar feeding of ammonium molybdate (8.9 g per 10 liters of water) in the early growth of berries;

• carry out selection for the cultivation of the most winter-hardy grape varieties.

An important condition for safe overwintering is hardening shoots before shelter. It is established that the bushes are this stage when the temperature drops to 5 .. . .. +1 To -1 .- 4 ° C. So do not rush to excess with shelter and not be afraid of such temporary cooling. The danger of freezing the vines in winter increases in renting belated harvest. Experience shows that a late grape harvest is only allowed in hot years. If the summer was cool and rainy, ripe grapes before take off. It should also be remembered that a favorable effect on the over-wintering roots and vines, which has abundant autumn charging with moisture (dry soil cools more than wet). Terms of vines cover for each zone on your own. It is important to keep in the period from the beginning of leaf fall before frost, but it does not fall under the frosts of the order of -6 ... -10 ° C and more. At this point, should complete all the preparatory operations. These include: analysis of bushes, clarification of the structure and trim, split sleeves for two arms of fascine, check and repair a covering devices, laying the preparation of "tracks" (or trench beds), disinfection of the vines and the soil loosened nitrafen or green vitriol.

If sheltering bushes in the main land, selected from between the rows (with the formation of trenches on both sides of the series), then fascine can be placed in shallow longitudinal grooves. Pinned vine straps, or press down with stones, bricks. The threat of flooding during its wintering grounds (and, hence, molding, rotting) is virtually eliminated. Other business - using wooden boards or slate gutters, as well as various insulated frames. In this case, do not bury fascine, but rather to pour along the "route" 20-cm layer of loose soil, to protect the vines from stagnant water.


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