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Recovering the vines from frost damage

Poorly sheltered for the winter or not covered with vines often damaged by frosts. The degree of injury is different. Depending on their nature apply the necessary measures to restore the bushes.

If the wood is left intact, but his eyes were lost only by 50-60%, making the usual crop, respectively, increasing the number of vines and buds on the bush. Later the wreckage finally regulate the load harvest. If the fruit shoots developed yet small, barren shoots are removed, not all. Leave such a number, which will ensure the normal growth of bush and bookmark fruit buds for next year's crop.

When fruit buds are damaged more than 60%, partially replacing damaged kidney tissue and annual shoots, pruning bushes make the minimum. Remove only dead and completely not matured sleeves, thin upper crust. All is well developed shoots and stepchildren they are cut to fruition.

In May, when all living things will develop buds produce shoots with cutting undeveloped buds. At the same time lead fragment of fat and sterile shoots. At the same time in the bush reserve sufficient shoots, even without blossoms, so as not to weaken the growth of bushes. On the damaged plants pay much attention to the formation of vines to replace the dead branches. On the bushes, where it turns a little green shoots, stepchildren are not removed, and pinch out over a 5-6th leaf.

Agrotechnics care in the vineyard soil damaged by frost, should be particularly high. In spring and summer must produce local fertilization. Give preference to the dressing with nitrogen fertilizer. If possible, irrigate. The fight against diseases and pests organized very carefully, as damage to the vineyard mildew in these circumstances is extremely dangerous and can lead to complete destruction of plants.


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