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Pruning and forming grape

If the vine is planted in November-December, shorten the main stem about 2 / 3 years of growth. Cut all the remaining side shoots until the first buds. If you are planting vines during the growing season, put the initial pruning before leaf fall, not to cause injuries.

The first year. After the initial pruning does not touch the main stem until it reaches about 3 m and not let the side shoots. In the summer, shorten the side shoots to 5-6 leaves, shoots and 2nd order - up to one. Tie up the main stem and side shoots to the wires loosely, leaving room for growth. In November-December, just after leaf fall, shorten the rod by two thirds, and the side shoots on the main stem - until the first buds.

For the second year. From March to April, the top bud forms a new growth, which should be free to grow. In the summer, when strong growth, the two lateral stems can prevent the formation of clusters. Cut these stems to 2 leaf above the inflorescence. Cut the non-bearing lateral stems, where they will give 5 leaves. In December, trim conductor by about half. Cut the side branches up to 2-3 cm, leaving two good kidneys.

The third and subsequent years. Vine now requires only ordinary care. In a greenhouse without heating vents open to allow the plant a rest period from January to March or April. In April, close the hole to raise the temperature by stimulating the awakening of the kidneys. Earlier this year, leave the stem to sag so that the tip almost touching the ground - that prevents the development of the apical bud. When the buds begin to grow on a tree stump, tie the stem, as before.

In May, slowly raise the temperature, airing if it rises above 18 ° C, but the end of May allow it to reach 21 ° C.

If the greenhouse is heated, the growing season can start in February, keeping the temperature no lower than 8 ° C and gradually increasing it by the end of May to 21 ° C.

Keep the humidity of the air, wetting the soil on clear days. Spray before flowering stalks above the water, but not in bright sun. Lateral shoots develop rapidly, and by May in a greenhouse without heating (heated and before) it is already possible to identify those that should be retained. When the growth reaches 45-60 cm, there are buds. Wait for the inflorescence that developed 2 sheets, then remove the top flight. Save the strongest side shoots with the best buds, but only one on the stump, and the remaining destroy. Tie each selected fertile stems to the wire, gradually bringing it to the horizontal position (or vertical if it departs from the horizontal stem).

Around mid-May the roof may have to darken. In summer prune all side shoots of order 2 to 1 sheet, and the barren side shoots - up to 5 leaves. By late summer, let 2.1 lateral shoots at the apex of the stem to grow freely, so they took away any excess juice, and this prevented the cracking of berries.

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