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Soil preparation, site selection, installation of supports

The vine is tolerant of different soils in two mandatory conditions: soil with good drainage should be deep, and the pH - 6.5-7.0. Carbonates for her little fit because of danger of chlorosis. The high acidity of the soil can reduce the introduction of lime at the rate of 200 g per 1 m2.

For planting grapes on the plot to take protected from the wind and well-lit places. Territory of the court and the southern walls of buildings should be used to remove the bushes with thick forming. This is a good plant trees and gardens built and provides an opportunity to grow high quality grapes.

Place the vineyards on the plains as well as on the slopes. In the lowlands and gullies on the northern slopes and should not be placed. At such sites, shrubs are often damaged late spring frosts and early autumn frosts, and fungal diseases. Best suited for grape slope, facing south or southwest. In colder areas of grapes can be grown against a wall or fence, facing south. Do not put a rod in place of stagnation of cold air.

Soil preparation before planting is to saddle plowing to a depth of 65-70 cm If there is a danger of soil moisture saturation, it is necessary to lay drainage. In the areas designated for irrigated vineyards produce before plowing plan. On private land the best way to prepare the ground should be considered a solid pass. If it is not possible to make make ribbon, that is, dig a ditch depth of 65-70 cm and 40-45 cm, which poured topsoil layer of soil. After plowing the soil surface even and is divided into cells, rows and place scheduled planting. The best conditions for growth and fruiting are formed at the direction of rows from north to south. Only on slopes to prevent erosion, the direction of the series do across slopes - contours on. Row spacing is kept within 2.25 - 2.50 m. The distance between rows of bushes set depending on the biological features of the landed class.

Grapes need a support system of horizontal wires. If the vine is grown against a wall, the wire is located 25-30 cm from each other. For vines in the open type in a 60 cm into the ground wooden poles 2 m long with an interval of 2.5-3.5 m. The extreme poles reinforce props. Pull one wire at 40 cm above the ground, and over it every 30 cm - two-wire (so that they crossed each column). Insert the wire rack at each site for future planting.

Weak vines (less than 0.5 cm in diameter), leave for the winter in a cold greenhouse and planted in the ground, when the threat of frost has passed. The wall or solid fence Plant vines at a distance of 1.2 m from each other and 40 cm from the wall in the open - at a distance of 1.2-1.5 m from each other in rows spaced 1.5-2 m. strong-growing varieties can be installed with shade trellis 3 wire pull on a vertical wall, and 2 - on the visor at an angle to the plane of the trellis. This is an opportunity to increase productivity by lengthening vines (increasing the number of buds on a bush).

If the grafted vine, make sure the vaccination site was above ground level. Tie up the vine to the support. Drizzle and over mulch rotted manure or compost.

For weakly tall varieties such as Pearl Saba, Muscat Chasselas distance between the bushes in a row should be 1.25 m tall to medium type Senso and Hungarian Muscat - 1.5 m, for strong-type Chaush, Queen of vineyards - 2 m, and in irrigation even more.

The best planting period is the end of April. In the southern regions of Ukraine in sheltered areas with adequate soil moisture and shelter for the winter can fall planting - from the beginning of leaf fall and before the frost-resistant. Planting depth depends on soil type. On sandy and sandy loam black soil, which freezes in winter more land is at a depth of 60-70 cm, and connected to the soil and heat capacity of 45-50 cm is sufficient Accordingly, dig holes. At the bottom they put 1.5-2 kg of organic-mineral mix (per ton of compost 50-80 kg superphosphate). Planted plants watered (15-20 liters of water per bush). After planting, seedlings or cuttings of the top cover mound of earth, but no more than 3-4 cm above the top eyelet.

Date of entry of the vineyard into bearing depends on the strength of growth of bushes in the first years of life. Therefore, for the planted trees will organize special care. Soil containing loose and free from weeds. In the summer the young bushes sprayed with poisons to protect against diseases and pests, 2-3 times watered. At the same time spend katarovka (removal of roots on the upper nodes). In winter, the entire increase in safe harbor land in order to protect from frost.

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