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The method of budding grapes

In late July - early August, the vines begin to ligneous and conditions for the success of budding "in attached," according to the type of fruit trees. This method ensures the best match of cambial layers and adjoining sections, as well as a good cohesion of the components.

On the rootstock, about a foot from the start of vines should be removed with a sharp knife 2-3-inch guard. First, below eye by 1.5 cm incision is made (a 45 ° angle to a depth of 1.5-2 mm). Then carry the knife on the 1 cm above the eye. Slide it down the escape is separated from the eye shield and a small layer of wood. Thus prepared, "beds" for the equal-graft panel, which is similar to seize the vine of the sort that they want to instill in this bush.

Now carefully prepared reunite with a new neck plate, ensuring a complete coincidence of cambial layers of components. Shot tied the film, leaving the eye open. Harness is removed in a month.

The main danger for any vaccinations - desiccation of matched components. Operations are performed in cloudy weather or at night, the upper sections of grafts waxed (at least, cover the garden pitch); green grafts protect from sun and wind as an assistant cover (caps, cans, foil packets), and transparent materials obscure the chalk or lime mortar. Do not plant the bush on a different grape varieties 3.2. One of them is bound to lead, at the expense others.

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