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Making a home of grape wine

Wine called drinks, which is produced through the fermentation of juice fruit and berries yeast, as a result of which the sugar is converted into ethyl alcohol and carbonic gas with heat release.

To prepare wines, the most suitable wine varieties, with juicy the pulp and accumulating large amounts of sugar. For the preparation of dry wines, both white and red, you need to collect grapes more sour in taste and less sugary, than for a dessert wine. This especially it is important in the southern areas, where the grapes quickly loses its acidity. For dessert wines use overripe grapes. Some varieties of wine of overripe grapes are obtained with a pleasant raisins tone.

Grape collection should be carried out only in dry weather. Very important the condition for receiving good quality wine is a sort of grape during the collection. For winemaking is totally unsuitable rotten berries, moldy and unripe.

The collected grapes immediately separated from combs, manually or on a grater. Then the berries stretches in a wooden the trough of wooden roller or pick it up and poured a pulp in a basket the press. Under the tray press substituted a glass bottle or enamelled the bucket. As far as loading press the juice out, squash settles, and then press gradually fill up fresh pulp. After the juice stops stand out, the pulp is covered with a wooden circle and squeeze. First the pressure makes it very carefully and gradually, letting the juice to drain. After that pulp poured into enamel bucket, mix and then again pressed. The unloading of a two times and mix all the juice together.

For lack of press pulp put them in a colander and give drain the juice. The Remainder Of The on a colander pulp placed in a bag of canvas or white packaging tissue and wrung out his hands.


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