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Kilchevanie of grapes

In the spring of the lower layers of the soil is colder than the upper and lower part of the landing of cuttings falls to less favorable conditions than the top. As a result, the kidneys begin to develop earlier than the roots. Appearing above the ground at the time, as the cuttings have no roots, shoots dry out, the development of young shrubs is delayed, and many die.

To call the simultaneous development of roots and shoots, you need to create a landing to the bottom of the cuttings (which later formed the roots of) the best temperature conditions than the top. To do this three weeks before planting the cuttings placed in a specially dug pit bottom ends up. Then the upper side of the falls in a cold soil, and the bottom - a warm coat, a well-heated by the sun. As a result, the roots begin to develop before the shoots appear, and at a time when the kidneys are just swell. This is called kilchevanie.

Prepared so cuttings are removed from the pit and put on a permanent place where young bushes begin to grow normally, because simultaneously with the developing shoots and roots.

For kilchevaniya cuttings choose the open, lit by the sun during the day. In late winter, the place where you dug a hole for kilchevanie, covered with straw, sawdust or any other material that can protect the soil from warming up quickly thawed and spring. A pit dug in front of the tab of the cuttings. As soon as she dug in her immediately, not allowing her heating bottom and sides, set bundles of cuttings, which should be prepared in advance.

Cuttings are cut the same way as when preparing for the usual landing (without kilchevanie), then link them into bundles and soaked in water for 2 days and then placed in a pit. When binding the lower ends of beams align, and when a hole in the bottom of beams and align on the same level and place them so that they were at 15 cm below the upper edge of the pit, that is, the level of the soil surface. After this, go to sleep cuttings moist loose soil layer of 10 cm and above harbor a thin (1 cm) layer of manure. Loaded hole cover with plastic wrap. The temperature of the earth, which are covered with cuttings should be 20-28 ° C. If it's a sunny day is above 28 ° C, the film is to raise the day and at night dipped and covered straw mat. All the while watching the humidity of the soil and watered as needed it. In cold cloudy weather for irrigation is recommended to take the warm water. It also follows that there are no holes in the ground subsidence due to voids between the beams of the cuttings. If these holes appeared, they immediately fall asleep.

In sunny weather kilchevanie lasts 12 - 15 days, overcast - about 20 days. Kilchevanie end when, at the bottom of the cuttings appeared callus and roots begin to appear. Callus - a white spongy tissue that forms on the site first cut a ring around the edges, and then a continuous influx across the slice. Through callus punched roots. Observe the appearance of callus begin on 8-9th day, when is warm weather, or a bit later - on a cloudy, cold weather. For this land which are covered with cuttings, rake and inspect sections of the cuttings. After the formation of callus cuttings are removed from the pit and sorted. All the cuttings which have no or callus did not develop kidney is rejected. Suitable for planting those cuttings, which in the presence of callus buds swell on the opposite upper end.


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