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Grafting of grape eye

Let's start with anti-phylloxera grapes attitude of the new plantation. In areas where making its presence felt this dangerous pest, own-rooted vines unreliable. More profitable mortgage vineyard grafted seedlings. You can get them ready, and even better to grow the most in 2 season.

In the first year new plantation laid special cuttings - with rootstock phylloxera resistant a vine. Acquiring them, make sure that the variety is not contraindicated in those European varieties of grapes, you want to instill in them. To better future rooted rootstocks, regularly loosen soil, do watering and feeding, protect against disease. Nestle in the autumn, not cutting off escape.

The next spring (probably sooner) we need to clear the ground around the plants to warm the soil better, speed up growth. Cuttings of high, but not resistant to phylloxera varieties, which outlines fill the plantation, in the winter keep in a safe place from freezing, and with the first spring warming transfer into ice or a refrigerator (tightly wrapped with foil). One week before inoculation dip their lower ends to the vessel with water (warm room) to wake and light swelling of the buds.

As soon as the upper (20-25 cm) layer of soil on your new plantation warmed to 17-18 ° C, start re-grafting:

• remove the head stocks, with their green growth (by this time reached 30-35 cm);

• carefully clean off the ground trunk bush, reducing its top so that the place was below the level of adhesion beds (insurance scion from desiccation);

• pick up the stalk, which is equal to the thickness of trunk, make it a short distance from the living eye bevel cut for kopulirovka, leaving the middle connector "tongue." A similar (mirror) cut with an indentation for the "tongue" is needed and on a stock;

• tightly connect the two components, tie place spikes film;

• carefully pour the resulting hole wet sand, forming a protective mound (diameter at the base - 35-40 cm, height - 15-20 cm).

For subsequent transactions include: disclosure mound in a month and a half, removing all the roots that emerged from the scion, and again hilling. Follow the grafted shoots (protective spraying, watering, a garter to the wire). If you break up shoots from the lower "floor" (rootstock), immediately remove it.

Remove harness vaccines do not hurry, do it through 1 to 1.5 months after vaccination, when the coil starts to cut into the growing vaccine. Circuitry can be reduced by 3 weeks, but this should be done cautiously. Growing shoots of the scion as soon as possible to fix the pole, during the growing season to protect against disease.

Thus, with a number of powerful 1 -, 2 - and 3-year rootstock bushes, you can introduce new products as grape selection on your site, the next year to get the first harvest and a realistic assessment of a new variety.

After 2-3 weeks (sometimes up to 30-40 days) after vaccination stepchildren should start to rise. Grow faster those vaccinations that are made of lignified cuttings. But the quality of fusion better when grafted scion green on green shoot stock. If by that time, the growth processes are not observed, and the leaves are green and stepchildren on vaccinations shrunken, it is likely the vaccine failed, and it should be repeated.

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