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Quality wines

Requirements to quality wines, even higher. The grapes for the wines must be from a particular wine-producing region, is brought up in a particular place. V.Q.P.R.D. (Vin de Qualiti Produit dans les Regions Determinees) the inscription, which is found on the labels of quality (vintage) wines, means that it just comes from a wine-producing region.

Requirements for quality wines in the EU:

* minimum alcohol content in wine should be not less than 8.5 vol.% (as a rule);

* in the majority of wine-growing regions add sugar is permitted for a maximum of 2.5 vol. % fermenting of his spirit;

* decrease or increase the acidity of wine permitted provided that does not apply add of sugar;

* the volume of volatile acids contained in wine, shall not exceed 1.2 g/l.

The list of substances for clarification of wines, stabilization and etc., is clearly defined. Quality wines should not blended with the wines produced outside the European union.

In addition to the general requirements, for each a separate wine region has its own rules concerning the their wines.

Restrictions, requirements may relate to authorized grape varieties, crop yields, minimum alcoholicity wine, minimum acidity, of excerpts.

In France and Italy there is another category of wines from some of the larger, but less well-known regions, V.D.Q.S. (Vin Delimite de Qualite Superieure) and I.G.T (Indicazione Considered Tipica) , respectively. By definition, it includes wine, which in qualitative terms on the stage below vintage wines.

In Italy and Spain qualitative wines divided into skilled and controlled with a guarantee.

In Germany and Austria quality wines are divided into wine certain wine-growing areas and wine with the predicate. Gradation of this depends only on the sugar content of grape must, of which will be made wine, and the wine with the predicate sugar add impossible.


Requirements to wines outside Europe

In non-european countries winemaking are not so tightly regulated. There are no restrictions on grape harvests. Add sugar is permitted only in New Zealand. Increase acidity is allowed (due to the hot climate the majority of these countries).

The division into wine-making areas is present, but, as a rule, without specifying the requirements for the production of wines. Wine may be considered varietal (with the right of the instructions on the label), if it contains not less than 85 % of the grapes (for the USA, Australia) or at least 75% (for South Africa and Chile).


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