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Grafting of grapes "green on green"

If the failed early spring grafting (cleft) and follow it ("half green"), vaccination can be repeated in the summer months, from mid-May to late June - early July.

Vaccination "convergence" is possible if rootstock and graft bushes close by. Selected for their two adjoining green shoots, cut at the interstices of every small, up to 5 cm, a strip of bark, you can easily grab the wood. The size and configuration of the mutual arrangement of sections should be identical (mirrored) to more accurately matched the cambial layers of components. Joining the bare plots, tightly bind both shoot each other (film, twine). A month later, piping can be removed. And at the end of the growing season of "twins" share: the vine is cut graft lower part, while rootstock - the upper one.

Simple kopulirovka gives gardeners greater flexibility in selecting a location and number of grafts rejected in the bush. Preparing a stock, it uses a well-developed and well located green escape. To a height of 40-70 cm from the bottom (the length of the sleeves of the future) with a cut all the leaves, tendrils, stepchildren and wintering eyes. After 2-3 days, when the wound dry out and stop the allocation of sap, proceed to vaccination. On the mother (graft) bush choose a suitable transplant escape having underdeveloped stepchild. Cut off the tip of his (and tendrils and inflorescences), and leaf blades along the length of the shoot down to a third.

Then separated from cooked escape bush and cut it in the middle of the internodes on one eye cuttings (Pict. 1 a). They piled in a bucket of water. The best survival rate achieved with the use of cuttings of cut in the middle of the shoot (from the 5th to the 10th node). At each must be small stepson in the leaf axils with 1-2 developed leaves, best of which is to kill a half. We now turn to rootstock bush. At the height chosen for soldering with a sharp knife or razor make 2-3-cm oblique section (Pic. 1b). Pick the right thickness and cutting graft cut under eye isometric slant rootstock. Now carefully connect the green components and tightly to each other their section of the film. For the reliability of complex vaccination tied up in a temporary peg. In future regularly removed of low-growth.

Simple kopulirovka

Pict. 1. Simple kopulirovka:

a - one eye graft scion b - a cut rootstock vines, c - in the collection of graft

As a variant of the preceding methods can be split into green grafting on the techniques described above (Pict. 2).

Green grafting of split

Pict. 2. Green grafting of split:

a - graft wedge; b - rootstock cut the vine; c - binding site "docking"

The so-called Hungarian vaccine (in the lateral section) is used in the event that a stock exceeds the thickness of the graft, as well as during the second (third decade of June - the second decade of July), the restoration of no heal green cuttings. Its simple technology is shown in Fig. 3.

Hungarian version

Pict. 3. Hungarian version:

a - one eye graft scion with an oblique cut through the diaphragm; b - lateral T-shaped incision in the bark rootstock escape; c - tightly bandaged and waxed place spikes

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