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Grafting of grapes to split trunk

Immediately after opening of bushes dig around that of them, which are subject to replacement (the depth of small hole is 20—25 sm). Take it easy to delete an old crown: fresh cuts in spring cause abundant expiration of sap (it is not necessary to loosen a rootage!).

Waiting till ending of «weeping», purge trunk from an old bark and earth, saw down him on 5—6 sm under level plantation. With application smooth over the surface of stump by a sharp knife, check necessarily, whether there are no here festering areas. Lay on on trunk a preventive loop from string, to prevent the too deep dissidence.

By a thin ax (or durable knife) and wooden beater laminate the middle of stump apeak on 4—5 sm, that must correspond to length of similar to wedge sharpening of the inoculated handles. Inserting a chisel or wedge on a center, fix the small opening of cut, that at the insertion of fragile grafts a bark and cambium did not become deformed on them.

Now we will come back. Once again look over before the inoculation, cut the supply of the fresh handles taken out from a cool depository and passing a week physiological preparation on the one or two eye semiss (overhead cut in 1—1,5 sm from a bud, lower — in 5-7 sm under a peep-hole) and place in the bucket with water, from above covered by tape. Beforehand prepare and pellicles strips (200 х 15 mm) or polyethylene ribbon for tying around of place of «docking».

The inoculation is conducted in warm, windless and desirably gloomy days. Begin with those sorts which are characterized by the late ripening of escapes.

Sharp, as razor, by a knife, do on a graft a smooth slanting cut so that his plane passed on a lower end through a core. From the back clean out a wedge, not affecting her (more bluntly). Watch thus, that exteriority of rootstock wedge on everything the extent saved a bark without the least damages. Carefully «wedge» a graft in the lateral crack of trunk, strictly combining his bark with young one tissue rootstock cut, watching, that the lower peep-hole of graft walked up close to this cut. Do up a crack remaining from above by the wedge-shaped piece of vine (without a bark). On thin stumps grafted one handle, on thick — on two (Pict. 1).

Tightly tie around the place of inoculation by a ribbon, surround from every quarter by moist moss or coat by the layer of the yellow stove clay. Carefully fill a small hole, earth up overhead part of graft by sand. In future it is necessary to delete seedlings, joints appearing below, and counterfoils, — higher than her, periodically to loosen and pour, protect from illnesses and to conduct the garter of young vine

It is necessary to mark that due to powerful roots remaining from the former plant, escapes of the again instiled sort will develop like blaze. It can be used for the speed-up forming of crown. When most tall escapes will attain length of sleeves (60—70 sm) ordinary for plantation, it is needed to pinch their apexes, leaving on each only for 2 stepchildren (in those places, where more comfortable to drive out a pointer and twig substitutions).

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