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Formation and pruning vines

In practice, the steppe regions of Ukraine the most prevalent forms of fan cupped bushes. Cupped no shtamb form used in areas where the vineyard is established Dwarf support or none at all. If you or be tied to a stake sheaf shoots and brush adjacent to each other. As a result, deteriorating bushes (poor lighting and poor ventilation), reduced crop quality. Enabling load on the bush eyes at this forming allowed very limited, which makes it impossible to obtain high yields.

Forming a bush fan is very progressive. It allows you to load 3-4 times larger eyes, and the shoots are evenly placed in the plane of a number of the trellis. Shrubs are well ventilated. In addition, in the vineyard with the fan shape of bushes much easier mechanized tillage, pest and disease control.

Formation of a bush on the fan system (Pict. 1) begins with the fact that well-developed seedlings before planting leave two shoots, which are cut to 2-3 buds each. The following spring grown shoots (2-4) are used to form the sleeves. To do this, select the strongest vines placed in the plane of the series. Depending on the vigor of which form long and short sleeves. Of strong (usually upper) form the sleeve length of 70-80 cm, a weak but well-developed arms create a medium length (45-60 cm), and of the weak - Short (45 cm).

Derivation of forming a bush fan

Pict. 1. Derivation of forming a bush fan:

1 - a seedling in the year of planting, 2 - at the end of the first or second year and 3 - in the spring of the second or third year, 4 - in the spring of the third or fourth year, 5 - in the spring of the fourth or fifth year

When the sleeves will develop eyes, leaving the top 4.3 flight of the strongest. If the bushes are no strong shoots, and long sleeves to create, existing vines are pruned in the right place at 2-3 buds on a twig. The following spring from them form long sleeves. To create short sleeves vines pruned to 2-3 buds. Results on the bush should be 4.6 sleeves of varying lengths.

The sleeves form a view of the shelter of bushes for the winter. It is desirable that long sleeves (more flexible) were top and short - lower. All they have to go directly from the head of the bush.

Derivation of plants with cupped shape of the crown (Pict. 2) produced by the same principles as a fan, but the sleeves (3-4) are placed evenly around the head. Their length is small. In order to increase the yield of bushes forming a cup-shaped one can leave a fruit vine. This requires the installation of Dwarf support. If there is no vineyard supports, then leave only a short arrow.

Withdrawal cupped shape bush

Pict. 2. Withdrawal cupped shape bush

Formation of the bush usually extends over 3-4 years. But this process can be accelerated. To do this, to grow strong bushes in the first years after planting, which is achieved by the use of irrigation, fertilizers and thorough care of the soil. On young bushes strong vines, when they reached 6.7 internodes, pinch out over a 4-5th leaf. As a result, developing stepchildren, of which the following spring form long and short sleeves, all the strong shoots on the sleeves again pinch, forming fruiting units (arrows and swirls on the vine replacement).

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