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Fertilizing and watering grapes

Since the beginning of growth in February and March, a good soak the soil with water. A week later, the roots will dry if, repeat watering. Then draw mulching manure or compost. In hot weather the vines in the greenhouse watering every 7-10 days, so that the soil is deeply soaked with water. Rod outside the greenhouse watering only during dry weather. As the ripening of berries reduce watering, under no circumstances do not allow waterlogged vine when ripe berries are almost - they are from this burst.

When the berries begin to change color, the risk that they burst increases. This applies particularly to dark and dark-golden varieties. Do not lubricate the greenhouse at the end of the day, as the humidity also contributes to cracking. At night, open to 2-4 cm vent hole on the leeward side. Avoid sudden temperature changes, because this leads to condensation.

With the onset of growth every 14 days, feed the plants with potassium, and at flowering - every 7 days, but as soon as berries begin to change color, feeding stop. If the vine does not grow well, its summer, Feed the complete mineral fertilizer or nitrogen.

After removing the bunches, starting in September, about half shorten the lateral branches. In summer, when the stem reaches a maximum for a given length of the greenhouse, remove the growing point. In December, shorten it to 2-3 cm of new growth, so that the tip was approximately 40 cm from the ridge, and all summer fruited shoots shortened to one kidney.

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