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Elimination of thinning grapes

The most efficient way to eliminate thinning is laying the vine. To do this from the bush with strong shoots to the place of fallen plant dig the groove on the adopted planting depth and put a rod whose end out to the surface (2-3 buds). Groove covered with earth with humus, compacted and watered.

Lay on the vine cuttings may be in the autumn, after harvest and early spring, after the opening of the bushes.

Satisfactory results are obtained by stacking the green vines in the summer. To do this, choose the strongest shoots, clean them of leaves and tendrils (except for the top 3-5) and placed in this manner.

On heavily thinned vines, where he quickly repaired planting layering can produce well-developed land and seedlings during the first two years of organizing a particularly good care: timely and abundantly watered, fed, perform all the green operation. Only then repair the old vineyard can yield positive results.

Repair of cuttings in most cases, satisfactory results does not.