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Definition of diseases of grapes on the external signs of injury

Determined by the disease:

mildew, oidium, anthracnose, white, black and gray rotten grapes, olive mold, chlorosis, bacterial canker.


The key is to identify disease

1 (28). Damaged aerial organs.

2 (11). Damaged leaves.

3 (4). On young leaves chlorotic color, dark green leaf color gradually changes to light green, pale yellow, yellow, green color is preserved along the veins, often affected the whole plant - chlorosis (not parasitic disease).

4 (3). Different nature of the defeat.

5 (6). On leaves of white mealy coating, easily washable - oidium.

6 (5). Leaf spot.

7 (8). Spots of various sizes, angular or irregular, gray, with reddish or dark brown trim - anthracnose.

8 (7). Spot with mildew like bloom.

9 (10). Angular spots or soft, pale green, yellow or reddish-brown, with a white coating on the underside of leaves - mildew.

10 (9). Vague or limited spots, yellowish-brown to dark olive velvety coating on the underside of leaves - olive mold.

11 (2). Struck by other bodies.

12 (23). Damaged berries.

13 (14). Berries on a white mealy coating, hit some berries or a whole bunch, at the crack berries, seeds are exposed, infected berries dry up - oidium.

14 (13). The defeat of the other.

15 (22). Rotten fruit.

16 (19). Rotten berries on a raid, rot wet.

17 (18). At the berries are dark brown spots, covered with grayish-white soft touch, but sometimes there is no plaque - mildew.

18 (17). On berries fluffy white coating - gray mold.

19 (16). On rotting berries fruit bodies rot dry.

20 (21). Berries are red-brown on the surface of numerous off-white bumps (pycnidia) - White mold.

21 (20). Berries bluish-black, with black pycnidia on the surface - black rot.

22 (15) On the berries are round brownish or dirty gray and fringed with reddish-brown or black rim - anthracnose.

23 (12). Damaged shoots.

24 (25). On the shoots of white mealy coating, tissue turns brown - oidium.

25 (24). On shoots spots, sores or wounds.

26 (27). On the shoots in-depth brown spots, sores, or deep wounds from the influx at the edges, along the bottom of the wound are drawn blood vessels in the form of bands, seems to escape the charred - anthracnose.

27 (26). On shoots grayish or brownish sunken spots - mildew.

28 (1). On roots, root collar or at the base of the bush brown solid tumors, growths observed on the aerial parts - the root of cancer.


External differences of white and black rot of grapes

name of disease The nature of damage Paint damaged berries The nature of fruiting bodies
The white rot
individual berries black The black dots
black rot Typically, clusters of berries all Red-brown Grayish-brown bumps


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