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For a man healthy and sick wine and honey is the best way, if they're natural and if taken correctly.


It is known that wine tones, relieves fatigue, exhaustion. If you believe the scientists, the wine possesses and bactericidal properties. However, it is necessary to emphasize, that it is the use of this drink in reasonable quantities, it should be take into account the initial state of the organism and the presence of contraindications to consumption of alcohol. Sometimes quite literally "thimbles" wine or brandy, to relieve the tension after the overly saturated stress labor day. Of course, healing properties has only a natural, high-quality wine. Counterfeits are not treated!

Wine is not that other, as ethyl alcohol in water absorption, sugar, acids, esters and a number of other connections. For example, in the manufacture of wine polyphenols extracted, promoting prevention of diseases of heart and vessels, bronchopulmonary system, gastro-intestinal tract. For the sake of justice it should be say that in red wine polyphenols more, but it is proved that in the white of their action is much more effective. Fresh grapes will not replace antioxidant (antioxidant) actions of polyphenols in the fight against free radicals - the enemies of our health, because such the components of fresh grapes poorly absorbed by the body, and passing the path from the vine till the glass in our hands, they become bioavailable, and therefore, in easily digestible.

In addition of ethyl alcohol in the wine contains small quantities of other spirits, including methanol) or methanol. It is very poisonous and, fortunately, there is a fault in vain doses. But for most people this is enough to cause a feeling of fatigue, drowsiness, or headache. Now, in white wine is not even traces of methanol, in contrast to red, in which he, unfortunately, is present.

Useful for the organism mineral salts and trace elements present in the wine in ionized form, easily absorbed into the blood. In particular, the iron from food is better digested, if food drink white wine.

Contained in any fault of mineral acid, tartaric, malic, salicylic - promote digestion of food proteins, that is, of meat and fish. And only in white wine found more and caffeic acid, which speeds up the recovery of patients with bronchopulmonary pathology due to the ability to dilute phlegm and to facilitate its excretion.

It is interesting, that in the white wine contains aspirin, which is quite enough for antiaggregant ("diluting" the blood) the actions of those, who was shown. Aspirin tablets - effective and respected doctors drug, but prolonged use of it leads to bleeding, gastritis, ulcerative process in the stomach and the intestines. In addition, wine and aspirin, drunk in one and the same day, dramatically increases the content of alcohol in the blood, and the blood test for alcohol content will be inadequate drink a glass of wine at dinner.

It is known that the human body opposed to diseases due to the presence of the immune system. It Turns Out That grapes also has its own complex system of protection against viral aggression. About this should be remembered in the period of the epidemic of influenza. Dr. Эйло, the creator of the the famous Enotherapeutic code (1934., France), recommends that the at this time, drink white sweet wine type sothern with seltzer water. AND recently the australian scientists discovered the biochemical mechanism of maturation the grapes. In the peel berries found brassinosteroids, which by their the structure similar to human steroids, and so the grapes can be used as a powerful drug.

White wine is useful in old age. No wonder wine called the milk of the elderly. Known for its preventive action against cataract - the scourge of the elderly. Thanks To the salutary effects on the blood vessels of the brain decreases the risk of of Alzheimer's disease. Improved memory, perception, thinking of. Wine, scientifically speaking, has nootropic action, it may be worthy replacement for many chemical drugs preparations.

White wine good to drink older women, not suffering from severe chronic illnesses. The famous madame Bollenzhe, the owner of one of the oldest French champagne houses wine, on the question of how often she drinks a glass of champagne, said: "I drink champagne when I'm happy and when I am sad. Sometimes I drink it, when left alone. But if I'm not alone, it is even necessary. In the other circumstances for him, I did not touch the, well, if only I don't want to to drink, and drink want to every day. "Bravo!

There is another important feature of the wine in general and white in particular. In recent years, residents of large cities struck the disease, known in medicine as chronic fatigue syndrome. The Reasons For there are numerous, and one of them is chronic stress. The wine of the same, with analgesic property, has the so-called stress limiting impact on the human body. That is, it reduces the feeling of anxiety, reduces depression, improves mood, as a result of the blood is locked stress "hormone of joy" (serotonin) and run the mechanism of autogibernation, i.e. adaptation to negative factors. However, humanity stubbornly continues to absorb packaging tranquilizers, pills, psychotropic drugs, antidepressants and other ruthless damaging their health, while forgetting that all of these chemotherapy drugs - xenobiotics, that is foreign, alien body the substance, brutally and mercilessly exterminating the unique feature of the human body's ability to heal itself.

Grape wine, recommended with treatment-and-preventive purpose, does not harm the body, because it is natural product. Ancient doctors put these relationships - the nature and the man - in a basis of well-known postulate: "Medicus - curat, natura sanat" ("Doctor fosters, nature heals").

The healing properties of grapes and grape wine were put into the basis of the method body. Vinotherapy is treatment and recovery of the organism with the use of derivatives vine and grapes (seeds, skin of grapes, grape marc and grape leaves). Grape seeds contain natural polyphenols, biologically active substances capable of fighting with free radicals that cause the aging process. For the treatment and prevention of many diseases is appointed by the grape diet. Surprisingly, but even such a simple method, as the harvesting of the grapes, is capable of facilitate for many diseases, and mitigate the effects of stress and give vivacity and energy.

Wine therapy is often used in cosmetology for the production of various cosmetic products. In the basis of such cosmetics - rich vine oils and extracts mineral water, as well as extract of wine yeast and this wine. Cosmetics on the basis of derivatives of grapes gives a wonderful rejuvenating effect, improves blood circulation, helps with cellulite, and the need to correction of the figure.

It is worth least once to try vinoterapy, and you will be surprised smooth and soft skin. In addition ceases general tension and restores the tone of the whole organism.


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