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Collection and storage of grapes

Keeping quality of grapes, as well as all fruit crops, depending on the cultivar, growing conditions, maturity, methods of packing, packaging, transport conditions, storage conditions and other factors.

Saved by eating better and versatile varieties, the berries are thick, fleshy, thick-skinned, and a bunch of relatively loose. Grades Karaburnu, Muscat of Alexandria, Puhlyakovski stored for 2-3 months, Isabella, Nimrang - 4-5 months or more, and sort of Sabbath - until June, that is 9 months.

Table grapes is considered mature when the base ridge to wood and painted in brown and the berries become characteristic for varieties of color, become soft, relatively easily separated from the stalk.

Better harvest in the dry and warm weather. Tucked away in rainy or foggy weather grapes poorly stored and worse withstand transportation. Unripe or overripe and are preserved poorly.

When gathering to cut grapes very gently to berries do not crumble and tear. It is best to cut with special scissors or shears.

Collection of table grapes should be performed in two stages: first remove the lower clusters as unsuitable for storage, then all the main crops, intended for long-distance transport and storage. During the cleaning should not be touching your berries, not to wipe the wax coating, which improves their keeping quality.

Cut grapes into small flat folded boxes (10-12 kg), or basket, trimmed in cloth, putting in a number of feet up.

If you intend to carry vines, harvest immediately sorted and packaged. When carried to the farthest distance packages are produced with the use of sawdust of soft wood species. At the bottom of the box with a capacity of 8-10 kg sawdust sprinkled a layer of 2-3 cm and placed in layers grapes, bed layer for layer their filings. Then close the paper and a lid.

In the clusters of grapes destined for long term storage should not be spoiled, cracked or crushed berries. Grapes are placed in boxes or sieves. Sieve capacity 6-7 kg of paper and line the densely vine, then link to the packs.

Widely spread Bulgarian wine packaging method. Boxes with a capacity of 4 kg and consists of the bottom of the low side strips with small feet at the corners, which makes it possible to put them on one another and provides good air circulation. In these boxes grapes are usually placed in a single layer of a leg up.

There are several ways to store wine. You can save the grapes to dry ridges, hanging clusters in dark rooms. But this method is tedious and unpromising. While best results are obtained already mentioned method of storage on the green ridges: cut grapes with part of the shoot, with one end placed in a container of water. In such conditions it is possible to keep the grapes up to 4 months.

ore promising is the storage of wine in the refrigerator. Small boxes of grapes stacked set so that there is free access of air. Optimum conditions for storing wine is a constant temperature at 0-2 ° C and relative humidity 85-90%.

During the period of storage regularly inspected clusters, revealing the boxes to choose from every 2-3 weeks, and less seasoning varieties - often within 1-2 weeks.

The repository supports the same sanitary conditions as well as during storage of fruits..


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