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Harvesting and processing of grapes

Harvesting - the most stressful and challenging period in horticulture. Late or improper cleaning leads to large losses and lower quality fruit. In order to successfully carry out cleaning, you need to make in advance all the preparatory work.

First of all, determine the yield of varieties and dates of collection. These data are the starting point when planning harvesting. It determines the amount of work, given the area of ​​the vineyard and the estimated gross yield. Expect the demand for labor in cleaning equipment, containers, packaging material. In addition, timely prepare the relevant premises (sheds, warehouses, basements), containers and packaging materials.

Cut off the bunches must not indiscriminately, but selectively, as they ripen at different times. Before taking off the bunch, it should try. Berries in a sample taken from the bottom of the bunch. If they are quite sweet and pleasant to taste, then all the others, above those, too ripe. Need to rush to the removal of first ripe grapes - thanks to ripen better and faster than the rest.

Cut grapes clear of spoiled berries, which are careful not to damage nearby, cut with scissors with pointed tips.

There are different ways to store wine in order to lengthen the duration of its consumption in fresh form. You can leave a bunch on the bush for exposure to frost. To do this, choose those clusters that are loosely hanging and swinging in the wind does not impinge on the vine. From time to time to inspect and spoiled berries are removed. Before the first frost grapes are kept on a bush, and then they cut off and hung on a wire stretched in the pantry.

Saved a bunch of even better if it is cut with a piece of wood and put the escape in a bottle of water. The upper section above make bunches of 5 cm, the lower cut - 15 cm below the bunch. The lower end of the rod is inserted into the bottle with water and put on a shelf in the pantry. As such, the cluster can store up to March. The clusters are designed for such storage, wash the can. You must try to wax coating on the berries preserved as best as possible.

For winter storage is most suitable grape varieties Ganja white, Senso, and Tayfi Nimrang. Sometimes you can save a good white Chasselas. Isabella and Lydia are not suitable for winter storage as well as their berries shrivel and fall off quickly. But clusters of both these varieties are preserved perfectly in the bushes until the autumn frosts. Isabella is well maintained grade Lindley. Clusters can be kept in the bushes until frost and then cut along with a piece of wood and keep hanging in the pantry.


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