Growing grapes




Grape varieties and their characteristics

Table varieties of grapes

Technical varieties of grapes

The classification of grape varieties on the novelty

The choice of grape variety


Tab is vineyards

Biological characteristics of grapes

Inventory winegrower

Preparation for tab a vineyard

Planting of vines

The quality of seedlings grape

Formation and pruning vines

Guyot system


Wine glasshouse culture

Soil conditions and location

Planting grapes

Pruning and forming grapes

Pollination of grapes

Decimation grapes

Supplementary feeding and watering grapes

The harvest of grapes

Pests and diseases of grapes


The basic rules grafting grapes

Grafting of grapes eye or bud

Grafting of grapes in a split green shoots

Grafting of grapes to split trunk

Using last year's grape cuttings

Grafting of grapes "green on green'

The method of budding grapes

Kilchevanie of grapes

Care of grafted grape plants

Reproduction of the grape

Wintering grapes

Derivation of frost varieties of grapes


The use of grapes for landscaping

Planting grapes at the walls and arbors

Formation and pruning vines for greenery


Care of vineyards

Artificial pollination of grapes

Fertilizers for grapes

Recovering the vines from frost damage

Elimination of thinning grapes

Pruning of vine

Green operations in the Vineyard

Improving the quality of grapes


Methods of protection of grapes

Pests of grapevine

Diseases of the vine

Weed plants

Protection of vineyards from disease

Definition of diseases of grapes on the external signs of injury

Protecting grapes from pests and diseases

Characteristics of herbicides permitted for use

Precautions when working with pesticides


Collection and processing of grapes

Collection and storage of grapes

Grapes in cooking


Making a home of grape wine

Dry wines

Dessert wines

Manufacturing technology of sweet dessert of grape wine

The composition of grape wine

Diseases of the wine

Classification of wines

Table wines

Local wines

Quality wines

Wine tasting

Making wine from fruit and berries

Storage of wine


Culture of wine drinking

Culture of wine consumption


Care of vineyards

Topping of shoots to regulate the conduct of individual shoots of growth and creating better conditions for the development of inflorescences, flowers and berries tying. Topping is carried out for 10-14 days before flowering.

In early May produced fragment of green shoots, remove all unnecessary shoots without yield, fat and not suitable for replacement of the sleeves and knots. Fragments of green shoots done in 2 hours. When you first remove the unwanted shoots to head bush, during the second harvest is regulated by stress and shoots, as well as remove unnecessary fat shoots that appear after the first debris.

Early coinage made in early July in all sorts of strong-growing and irrigated vineyards. Minted in later periods (15-20 days to mature berries) of halting the growth of shoots and switching assimilation products to improve the quality of harvest, bookmark fruit buds for the harvest of next year, maturing on the vine.

Deletion of stepchildren plant shoots in the bushes with a normal load shoots and harvest shall not take place as usual stepchildren are oppressed. If they are growing vigorously, they break out, or pinch a 2-3rd leaf. Usually over the summer to carry out these bushes deletion of stepchildren plant shoots twice.




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Growing grapes