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The basic rules grafting grapes

Grafting the vine used at the site to quickly update the assortment, to rejuvenate the aerial part of the old vines, or transfer them to a new type of forming, as well as a protective measure against phylloxera.

Underground version of it (at the base of the root trunk) is more reliable: it creates favorable conditions for good engraftment tissues. However, it lost all the current crop of royal bush.

When air is grafting - on their sleeves, horns or annual shoots - saved a large part of the bunches of the season, but requires special measures to protect grafts from the adverse effects of weather (especially of dry air).

At re-grafted vines varietal attributes of the scion (i,e, cutting engraftment) basically saved. The nature of the lower "floor" - the stock - can affect only the vigor of the newly created crown (affecting the yield or time of ripening).

It must be remembered that the vaccine is associated with deep surgical intervention in human life of the plant. The success of the operation is determined by such factors:

• the proximity of the affinity of the rootstock with scions. If the European grape varieties engraftment easily to each other, then the U.S. (phylloxera-resistant) more selective for the partner, then one must know incongruous combination;

• precise and tight contact of slices (cambial layer) on the rootstock and scion;

• favorable weather conditions - especially for the optimal grafting temperature and humidity (better healing of tissues - at 20 - 30 ° C, with no deficit or excess moisture);

• high viability of cuttings harvested in advance (saving them the time of grafting fresh, healthy, unsprouted);

• serviceability of the tool in use;

• cleanliness of the operation;

• strict adherence to recommended practice of science and technology.

Here are some of the ways, methods and timing of vaccinations.

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